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Brainstorm is a cooperation between Gregers Kirkegaard and Claus Poulsen. Brainstorm explore the texture of sound and images, combining digital processed multizone soundscapes and images.

”Trax and traces” is a registration and reflection on passing time, traces of movement and emptiness. People on the move they’re gone, leaving traces in the emptiness.
We are making works of art without knowing it. It is up to us to adapt and present it in a new context.
We present the emotions and feelings we have catalyzed – and make up new layers of meaning through the audient’s associations.

> Trax & Traces :

"Trax & Traces #1" Videoinstallation 8 x 2 m.

> a set of processed pictures of textures and photos.

Video & Music: Claus Poulsen & Gregers Kirkegaard 2006.